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Four festival fashion must-haves

So, the festival season is upon us once more, and yet again people rush to buy the best outfits. Those outfits planned to look as though you haven’t even tried, you’ve just thrown something on casually, when really everyone has secretly been googling “festival chic” or going crazy on Pinterest.

I love the festival season, but styling yourself for it doesn’t have to be such a huge task. As long as you stick to a few staple pieces in your suitcase (or backpack) you should be just fine.

 1. The boho maxi
Who could go to a festival and not make room for that all-important maxi dress? Take a couple of these with you and you won’t wear anything else, apart from maybe the swimming costume underneath. I’d recommend going for blacks, reds and oranges, or dark tribal patterns so that the mud doesn’t show up as much, and of course they’re incredibly light. This not only makes them so comfortable and easy to wear, but it makes them ideal for packing too.

2.   The over-sized military jacket
This is perfect for UK festivals in particular, as you never know when the weather might change. It could be a steel-grey jacket to match your dark Hunter’s wellingtons, an olive green to match those khaki trousers, or even bright yellow to match your daisy-chain headdress. It doesn’t matter what your style is, these over-sized jackets never look out of place.

3. The charm bracelet
Just because you’re at a festival doesn’t mean you can’t add a little glam to your outfit, and these days the charm bracelet has its own place at a festival. It might be that your bracelet has a deep, spiritual meaning and you can express your inner hippie, or it might be that you just love having a pretty, handmade jewellery piece that reflects your individual style. Either way, there’s many a boho jewellery collection around these days to suit your tastes, especially by ChloBo.

They specialise in charms that contain cultural references from across the world, which is ideal for a lover of boho-chic. Whether it’s a symbol of serenity, good fortune or a tassel to ward off evil spirits, check them out for a truly unique piece.

4. Some funky espadrilles
These are the perfect cross between a wicker sandal and a trainer. That sounds like a pretty weird combination, but it’s true! I’ve developed a real love of espadrilles, like so many others, and they’re perfect for festivals. No matter what your style, there’s a pair of espadrilles waiting for you.

They come in tonnes of different designs, fabrics and styles, they’re so comfortable, and they can even be washed (gently of course). Long after you’ve left the field behind, you’ll still be able to wear them over and over again.

I hope you found this list useful, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you this year at one of the many festivals across the country. What are your festival must-haves this year?

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