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How to choose the best sport wears to workout

What you wear can impact the success of your workout. Luckily there's plenty of stylish clothing available in most brands. Some forms of exercise, such as biking and swimming, will require specific pieces of clothing. For general workouts, it is best to wear something that fits well and keeps you cool. Choose the right workout clothes by considering fabric, fit and comfort
Sportswear is typically designed to be lightweight so as not to encumber the wearer. The best athletic wear for some forms of exercise, for example cycling should not create drag or be too bulky. On the other hand, sportswear should be loose enough so as not to restrict movement.

• Choose a fabric that provides
wicking. Look for a synthetic fiber that will allow your skin to breathe by wicking--drawing the sweat away from your body. This will help keep your body cool while you exercise. Polyester, Lycra and spandex work well.

• Tailor your attire to the specific activity. If you are running or biking, do not wear long pants that might cause you to trip or get stuck in the pedals. For yoga and
Pilates practitioners, avoid clothing that will not move with you during different poses.

• Incorporate supportive undergarments into your workout wardrobe. Women should look for a good
sports bra that offers support and flexibility, and men will want to look for a protective cup if they are playing contact sports as part of their workouts.

• Choose clothes that you find attractive. While function and fit are the most important elements, you want to feel good while you are exercising, otherwise you might be tempted to cut your workout short.

• Wear the appropriate footwear. Runners, tennis players and trainers will want to choose a workout shoe that protects their bodies and boosts performance. Make sure you wear a comfortable athletic shoe that supports your feet and ankles

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