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Hervia presents comme des garcons

Comme des Garçons, despite it’s French name, is a Japanese fashion label that has built up a huge cult following since Rei Kawakubo started the brand in the early 70s. Through constantly striving to break the stereotypes and rules of modern fashion, Comme have developed a reputation as a progressive, maverick label with an output that is as different and thought provoking as it is aesthetically appealing.

Comme des Garçons’ first Paris catwalk show in 1981 caused great controversy. In stark contrast to all the other fashion houses who were showing, the Comme des Garçons collection was made up of black, distressed fabrics, which received a mixed reaction! Undeterred by this reaction, a Comme boutique was established in Paris only a year later, and is still there today. This willingness to think outside the box can still be seen today, from the unisex ‘anti’ parfums collections to the ‘Guerrilla’ stores (small stores, opened for just one year and sparsely decorated to minimise costs)

Play collection, available at Hervia with the now iconic ‘heart/face’ logo, the design appears across shirts, polos, knitwear and even denim lines. Play is a contemporary ‘basics’ line and is designed by Junya Watanabe, with contributions from graphic artist Filip Panofsky, who created the iconic logo. Over recent years Play has gathered a legion of fans, through strong design and intelligent branding.

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