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Jack of all trades master of my life

What makes someone a Jack of all trades "master of none"? and why they have such a bad reputation? So apparently a Jack is competent with many skills, but spends so much time learning each new skill that he/she can not become an expert. Does this sounds like you? It does sound like me to be honest, however I think Jack of all trades CAN become experts in a couple of things if they really want.

One of the popular questions when you are growing up is: What do you want to be when you grow up? The answer has to be a single profession otherwise people might rise an eyebrow. Not long time ago the question of what do you do for a living? Would make me sweat and it was a bit awkward explaining to people. I used to be so hard on myself because I thought there was something wrong with me. 

"Why I couldn't pick one thing for the rest of my life and stick to it? My brain was constantly telling me to go out and find one profession to master but deep down the whole idea of doing the same for years and years didn't appeal to me at all."

As someone who started a jewellery and silkscreen shirts little business at my dad's shop when I was 15 years old (with the money I made I bought my first car) I also opened a flower shop when I was 25 years old. The shop didn't do that well but taught me a lot, later on I got into styling and blogging and for the past years I earned an income from it. Not to mention the random courses I've taken: Sculpture, printmaking, just last week I took a course in silver ring making and next month I'm planning to take a course in how to make 100% natural beauty products. Do I want to become a jewellery maker? Not really. Do I want to set up a natural beauty products business? I don't know...Maybe. I have a real passion for learning new things and somehow I think everything is connected.

"I have a thirst for knowledge, through the years I've learnt  how to learn. When I learn how to do one thing, curiosity takes hold of me and I start to learn associated skills too. You learn to develop a sense for the best ways to learn something efficiently so you can be good enough at whatever you choose."

Right now, I have my own little online business. I offer photography, social media and creative consultancy to businesses. This has been great because it's allowed me to work whenever I want and anywhere I want. I cannot tell you how amazing is to have this freedom. Everyday is different. I also have time to make other projects I am interested. I feel 100% happier and I'm grateful. It might sounds like it was easy to jump from one thing to another but it wasn't. In fact I've had a lot of struggle in the past years, I just never settled for anything less. I  pushed myself out of comfort and perhaps I've learnt to see opportunity while exploring.

So for all of you out there that feel aren't good enough and feel an outcast from society standards, you must know that you aren't alone and the only thing you need is confidence in yourself. Find your own way, your own path of learning. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough only because your way of learning is different. The most important thing is to find who you really are and embrace yourself with all your talents and flaws.

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  1. Thank you- I really needed this!

  2. You are an inspiration! I wish we lived close to one another so we could have a coffee and a chat.

  3. wonderful writing, thank you Victoria x


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