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Converse and Sweater DIY with Yarn

I've personalised a few converse in the past, you can check other DIYs here or other shoes here, here and here. I really like experimenting with older items that I have in my closet and bring them to life or add them something very 'me' type of thing.

The artwork that I've been doing recently with photography portraits it's also moving into clothes. I'm a little bit obsessive whenever I start working with one material I want to apply it in everything! I'm currently doing something with cushions.

Some people asked if they could buy the converses. If you are interested I'm doing only commissioned work on this, so if you are interested please send me an email to: victoria@stylemarmalade.com 

2 comentarios:

  1. Girl you are killin' it. These are awesome! I love the sweater.


  2. Customising converse trainers with yarn, love the idea and final results Victoria! You make me wish I was more DIY orientated, but alas I am not...tsigh...Also liking the 3 eyed jumper. Have a lovely weekend!x


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