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Unskilled Worker

I found her work about a year ago while browsing on Instagram, something about her paintings is incredibly haunting. They are so beautiful and naive with a very unique energy and skill. No wonder now her Instagram account has over 200K followers.

The quick rise of Unskilled Worker (as she called herself is actually quite the contrary)
but her success is not a surprise, gaining many interesting collaborations including fashion photographer Nick Knight and recently hired by Gucci to create portraits.

Helen Downie (who hopes to retain a certain amount of anonymity) is 50 years old and had been clean of drugs for 10 months when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and first felt the urge to paint.

“I live in London and I am unskilled worker on instagram because I have no formal education in the arts. I use materials in a very instinctive and incorrect way I am interested in the way that humans use clothing and makeup to hide there internal world and to try to take control of the way they are viewed by the outside world. Some of my subjects are real and I have known or seen them, some are not and are imaginary. All are more about what is happening on the inside than the outside.”

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  1. Thank you for posting this! Downie's use of color is so bold and soft at the same time.

  2. What an inspiring story about the artist. Even in my mid-20s, I have an odd feeling that I am too old to learn new things or really accomplish anything, which is ridiculous. This little post about her is just what I needed to read this weekend. Thank you :)

    1. You are never to old to keep learning and create your dreams. You'd be surprised a lot of artists find their pick of their careers after they were in their 40's :) Never think you're too old for anything. Except if you want to become a professional gymnast ;)

  3. Very interesting artist, and this sounds silly but from her pics I'd expect her to be younger....its interesting how in life the turning points/traumatic instances e.g being diagnosed with cancer, can make people do a 360, and bring out something in them they didnt know they had...X


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