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The Richness that Comes from Struggle.

"I can't stop and seat it's a constant engine that just keeps driving me towards the things that are unknown to me".

"Adventure is anything that put us out of our comfort zone"

"My education came by absorving what was happening around me  and by observing the richness that comes with struggle"

One of the things I've noticed around me, it's the way that society program us to aim for comfort. Everything is about being surrounded with things that will make our lives easier and comfortable. However, is this really what life is all about? Life is so much more than working Monday to Friday, paying bills and being in front of a screen...

When we are kids we are told to avoid at any cost the feelings of struggle, fear and pain. In other words, we are only allowed to feel the 'good emotions',  happiness, love, peace, abundance etc... As soon as we feel a negative emotion we want to numb it. We can pick the distraction that we wish to numb that negative emotion, drugs, alcohol, comfort eating, shopping etc.. but at the end we want to suppress all our negative emotions.  But why? 

I believe the fear of feeling fear it is stopping us from growing as individuals and is stopping us from reaching our fully potential. If you are struggling right now, be grateful. The richness that you'll find from that struggle it's price less. Nothing is permanent, everything pass, everything moves. Life is rich and is full of adventures. Don't just seat and watch your life pass everyday, every weekend every year, comfortably numb.

I watched this video  last night from Cory Richards, a National Geographic photographer, who travels around the world taking photos of breathtaking landscapes and amazing people. In this video, he makes a tribute to discomfort and inspires everybody to get out of their comfort zone.

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