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Interview with Fashion Photographer Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia is a very talented young photographer who has just graduated from an MA in Fashion Photography at LCF and who's work is already winning awards and attention from all the big Fashion publications. I think the reason why her work is so intriguing is because her work has a cinematic feel. Using a saturated colour scheme, every  photo seems to have a story behind.

Your work is bold and powerful, yet the women in your imagery seem to be quite unsettled by sense of melancholy like "housewife crazy". I can see a sort of darkness. What's that about?
- I just get bored with anything pretty, and I enjoy the melancholic; both in art and cinema. I tend to create false situations for the characters so the models act out a part in the photograph rather than just standing there looking pretty.

From where you get your vision for these images?
-If I'm honest I never look at Fashion magazines. I get my inspiration from cinema and cinematic photography.

You style your images yourself. You must have a lot of props lying around for such intricate sets?

-I style a lot of images myself, but I also work with a lot  of talented stylist. I have so may props it's ridiculous but I'm slowly selling them off as I can't be a London gypsy with all that in tow.

Tell us more abou the consumerism side in your photography with brands such as Coca-Cola and McDonald's featured.
-I simply love graphics and advertisement, I also enjoy the horror stories and negative connotations that are often held with fast food.

You won the Taylor Wessing prize at the National Portrait Gallery in 2012, tell us a bit more about that!
The photograph was a controversial choice for the judges and got a lot of stick from critics, but that made it even better. It helped get my work more widely known and it was just the coolest feeling, knowing my print was in the National Portrait Gallery.

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  1. im intrigued!! such strong style and idea! going to look her up now


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