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Havainas Beach Showers 2015

Summer is still the most awaited season; it's definitely the liveliest season of all. One cannot wait to remove all the layers from winter and spring and start freeing our skin by removing jackets, trousers and socks and start getting into our shorts, summer dresses and sandals or flip-flops!

Flip-flops are a lot of things to a lot of people: loud (after all, their name comes from the very sound they make); stylish, fun, an easy-chic additions to your summer wardrobe, but flip-flops are also practical and quick-drying, especially in showers or around the pool!

This summer, big flip-flop shaped showers across Europe will keep you cool and refreshed throughout the summer! The Havaianas showers extended throughout the Brazilian shoreline have been a great hit, now they will transform the Mediterranean into a colourful, vibrant Brazilian-style zone for the day!

Havaianas have been producing the planet's coolest and comfiest flip-flops since the vibrant, heady days of the free-spirited 1960’s. Since their 1962 introduction, Havaianas have joined soccer and samba as one of the great social equalisers in this country, among the world's most stratified societies.
Initially the workaday staples of the Brazilian poor, Havaianas have transcended both their modest origins and the country's borders to become an object of desire around the world 'They're cool, colourful, laid back and chic,'

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