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Tips on How to Personize Your Home

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Home decoration, just like personal style it's a reflection of ourselves. It's our territory, our space, our shelter, a place where we feel comfortable. My mum always used to said to me: the way you have your room/home reflects how you are in the inside. I think she is right, the space we live in is an extension of our personality and it's important to put an effort to make our space really feel like home.

For me is not about expending a lot of money and having expensive things. Always remember money can't buy good taste. I think is more about the little details and displaying them. If you love hats, magazines, shoes, pots etc... Try to display them nicely and integrated them with the rest of the decoration, display your hobbies too, books, gardening tools, painting, vinyl it doesn't has to look messy and adds a lot of personality to a home. 

Quirky little things, gift with memories, a little drawing someone made for you, frame it and hang it in a wall, these little details always makes a home feel special. Also, bringing the outdoors in. Plants are an easy and no expensive way to do this. I love the branch hanging in the wall in the last photo, I think it looks so beautiful. The branch rack is so easy to do and  it looks great. You can check my post where I made one here! 

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  1. I just did a post on revamping your bedroom style and found this interesting!

  2. I had to update my London room/renovate and coz I am hardly in LDN the redecoration has been super slow, but I am looking of ways to decorate my room as cheaply as possible but for it to look cheap- so you are right, home dec. is a lot like personal style, i.e you can get the coolest £5 top in the right vintage shop that looks like a designer label...these are the pieces I'm looking for in my room. And you are right about displaying what you love to show your personality. I used to have this fab lady in Portobello that made me these customised patent and leather bags with different pictures at the front (hard to explain...) Anyhoo, for me they are pieces of art and i cant wait to find a way to hang them on my wall, like a lil' bag exhibition...
    Ok thats the end of my dissertation! x

  3. love convenient and clean decorations!


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