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Models are Perfect. Or are they?

The fashion industry, media and these days even ourselves, are always trying to present the perfect version of a person. We all want to look "beautiful", all of time. And in the end, it doesn't make anyone feel great at all. So as an experiment,  D.EFECT a fashion brand who is inspired by wonderful irregularities in things, people and fashion decided to asked models whilst shooting their SS15 collection about their imperfections. The result is in this video below.

The video might provoke the reaction "oh, but they are still beautiful" or even "how dare they complain". But that's the point. If even the girls who are considered to be perfect can't stop listing their imperfections it really shows what a state society is in. The aim is to show that people are beautiful precisely because they are imperfect. The issue is the definition of beauty, not the look of it. 

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  1. You always bring up the most interesting issues, that's what I love about your blog!

    \ Indigo Lights

  2. yeah i was thinking they're still perfect to a lot of viewers :-(
    but yeah i too like how you're always writing about this kind of issues love your blog x

  3. This is such a great video! And it is made by lithuanians and I'm from Lithuania! Couldn't be more proud! x


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