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Interview| Rein Vollenga

Rein Vollenga is a Dutch sculptor living in Berlin. His wearable pieces, have adorned the likes of Lady Gaga, Thierry Mugler collections and the pages of practically every fashion magazine. He is a rare example of fine art sculpture in dialogue with high fashion, bringing something unique and modern to the table. 

How did living in Berlin influence your work?

I'm very fortunate to live in a city full of history and art and to be surrounded by many creative and inspiring people like artists, musicians, performers and all kinds of free spirits. In Berlin I can be who I wanna be.

How did you start? Why did you choose resin sculpture?

From an early age I love making objects and working with my hands. This is the main reason why i create. My work is about fantasy and ambiguity and I hope to evoke something in viewer's mind that will trigger their imagination. Either good or bad. The sculptures I create are made of assembled found objects, deconstructed and rearranged then combined with hand sculptured epoxy, resin and a hyper gloss varnish. This elaborate technique deliberately disguises the mundane and eclectic origins of the base materials, mass produced generic toys and decorations, they appear as mass produced products, but each one is unique. The amorphous shapes, replicate humans, animals, nature and machines.

Where do you search and find your inspiration?

I collect objects in my daily surroundings. I browse in supermarkets, party stores and on the streets. I'm highly fascinated by objects that are mass produced and have an organic or physical aesthetic like mannequin dolls, packaging, car parts etc..Next to that I'm interested in traditional craftsmanship. I'm fascinating by beauty and violence but I don't think my works are fetish.

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