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Erika Lust | 'Sex can stay dirty but the values have to be clean'

I came across the work of a Swedish screenplay writer, director, producer and author and I was intrigued by her approach of making porn that reflects the desires of women, share their  “values, desires, and … kinks, creating fantasies from a whole wealth of real imaginations in realistic scenarios with relatable characters enjoying REAL arousal.

I watched her Ted Talk “It’s Time for Porn to Change” In this insightful talk, Lust draws connections between porn and it’s effects on the sex-gender education of young people. Lust envisions a world that includes diverse representations of sex, sexuality in addition to masculinity and femininity.

As someone who has watched and stopped (promise) watching porn simply because I found it off putting rather than stimulating. Erika's work seems refreshing and positive. The stereotypical porn  girls with big breasts and guys with big penis with really bad close ups, where the only thing you see is a vagina penetrated by a penis, a girl treated in a very degrading way  where she is only faking pleasure can be off putting after a while not to mention the bad example of human sexuality. 

My intention is not to sound moralistic or judgemental but I think is important to dig deeper and question the way porn is made, unfortunately most kids get their 'sexual education' through porn and I don't think that's healthy for anybody. I think male chauvinism in porn is dated and the industry should evolve into REAL arousal that women and men can enjoy. As she says 'sex can stay dirty but the values have to be clean' What do you guys think?

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  1. great post victoria...i think this industry is growing thanks to people like Erika...she is a very brave and articulate woman. shared your link on twitter.

  2. This is interesting!


  3. it's really sad how young people look up to the "sex" in pornography when it's just a script


  4. This is fascinating to me. Just this week I had a very frank talk with a couple of my girlfriends about how off-putting porn is... the women are just completely unrelatable. Thanks for bringing this talk to my attention. I'm going to watch it now! xx


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