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Coolest and practical accessories to wear at music festivals

Whether you're ready for it or not, festival season is upon us. Coachella, the buzziest of all, you may already be thinking about what to wear to a music festival, but what about accessories? With the right accessories, staying cool at Coachella while looking hot is easier than making your way to the front of the main stage.

Shades are a staple no matter which music festival you attend, you can have a little more fun with the variety of sunglasses. You don't necessarily have to go Kanye (or maybe you want to), but opt for a fun color or an out of the ordinary shape. Choose a pair of stylish but replaceable sunglasses -It’s not you I’m worried about of course, it’s everyone else! Leave your treasured sunnies at home and opt for a festive pair that wouldn’t kill you to lose!

Instead of flowers in your head, you can channel your inner Hip Hop diva and wear a cap or your inner cowgirl whilst wearing a texana or the classic fedora hat to protect you from any extra sun-rays.
A big scarf to tie it around your waist, or wear it as a top or a light extra layer just in case it gets a bit chilly at night or to wear it around your head, this is specially great to cover dirty and rebellious hair!

For the unpredictable English weather taking a waterproof jacket is mandatory. I found a great rain poncho with a hood in H&M for less than £10 -It’s not the typical boring waterproof jacket it has great cactus print on it.

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  1. So cool! I love it x


  2. Ah, Coachella! Everyone on my Twitter timeline is super excited about it :) Totally different to muddy British festivals ;) xxx

  3. interesting post :)


  4. Nice post !

    I'd like to go to Coachella one day :(


  5. Nice post!
    Great tips!

    Jessi Malay

  6. I'd love to go to Coachella where you don't have to worry about it being cold and wet. A fedora and sunnies would definitely be my accessories of choice :) xx

  7. i love the wide-brim fedora!

  8. Cool post!

  9. Yo no puedo olvidar las gafas de sol! Imprescindibles!! me encanta el sombrero fedora y el bolso de flecos. El chubasquero de cactus es lo más... tomaremos nota para próximos festivales. En el BBK Live de Bilbao suele llover, así que puede ser una buena idea llevar ese chubasquero tan chulo!!! :-)


  10. Yes :) if i were going i would totally do the hip-hop hat thing and sneakers...max comfort & sun protection!!!


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