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Five Different Ways to Style your Denim

Denim is one of those things I think are very easy to style, and the possibilities are infinite. It will always be on trend, and is the perfect canvas to start any outfit according to your own taste or occasion.

I decided to show you six different ways of styling denim translated by my own personal preference.

First outfit: Western-Cowgirl Layers 

Since I was a kid, I’ve been inspired by cowboy movies and eventually felt very drawn to the cowboy aesthetic. There’s something about the boots, the hats, and the denim shirts that is very attractive – it’s so easy to add layers and bring out the contrast and shape. 
In this outfit, I’m layering with an H&M denim shirt and Aztec print cardigan. I often find myself using these on a daily basis (one or two at a time) so I don’t end up looking like Woody from Toy Story.

Second Outfit: Western Accessories 

The simplicity of denim with a white t-shirt or shirt has been one of my long time favourite outfits; this puts the focus on the accessories and style of the jeans. 
Here I’m wearing high waisted skinny jeans from H&M. The quality and fit are perfect, along with the price ;)
Third Outfit: Everything Goes 
Some days I like to wear perfectly coordinated outfits or let things I’ve been watching or reading inspire me, however I also believe that anything goes and your outfits shouldn’t follow specific rules. It’s all about confidence and attitude! Go ahead and wear a lot of unexpected things that work together. 

Fourth Outfit: Music and Style 

The best styling comes from inside yourself, your story. The things, places and music you like should all be your main influencers.  
Music plays a big part in my personal style. Any type of Music, Punk, Rock, R&B, and Pop all drive into what I wear each day, and where I find new trends. I’ve always found a lot of inspiration in the rawness of some musicians’ style. 

Fifth Outfit: Denim on Denim 
Denim on denim, a classic that anyone should try it, you can’t  go wrong with this combo. I’m wearing H&M overalls and shirt and again the rest is all about the accessories, I tried to give it a French flare with the hat and the tie e voila!

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  1. Really love how you've styled the dungarees, especially with that fringed top :) xx

  2. first and second outfit YES - love love! x

  3. these are all so cool! you can really pull off the western style :) love! x

  4. Erm can I have your Western fringe top per-leeeease! Ha! Moving on, my fav look is the Music & Style, I loooove Band T's, and I love the way this look tells a person a bit about yourself, i.e your music tastes etc, and its a great conversation starter!


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