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Coffee Time and Men Accesories

Wearing: Vintage Hat | Daniel Wellington Watch | Zara Shirt | H&M Dungarees
Photography: ZigZagZig

Sleeping is extremely important for me, however I rather wake up 30 min early and properly enjoy a cup of coffee, it’s one of my little pleasures, one of those daily things it gives me joy and brings me to the present moment. I love having coffee in bed while reading something, or in the kitchen while staring into space, thinking nothing, thinking everything. The setting can vary but the feeling is the same, there’s something about the smell, the boost of mental and physical energy, coffee it’s one of the last great addictions. Basically a cup of coffee brings this profane feeling of living in the present that some people feel while doing meditation. 

Yesterday, I met with one my good friends we went for walk, then we stopped in one of our local coffee shops, where they serve really nice coffee; The day was beautiful, blue sky with lovely sunshine, we discuss about our personal projects, then he took some photos of what I was wearing, a very laid back look styled with some menswear items. I think 80 % of my accessories are menswear, hats, boots, handkerchiefs, ties, men jackets, men watches, bow ties…I found men accessories very sexy, so I guess for me, instead of wearing a low neck top and showing some cleavage (anyway it won’t be so interesting because there’s nothing to there!) I try to add some sex appeal to my outfits by incorporating some menswear. Do you have favourite accessories that reflect more about your personality every time you wear them? Also,  Daniel Wellington  are offering 20% discount using: STYLEMARMALADE code!

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  1. I love to get clothing from menswear section. And oh my god, I could not live without coffee. I am just obsessed with good quality one. A day without a cuppa is just not a good day for me. x

  2. Great pictures! I also buy clothes & accesories from the men section. They have so many good stuffs that it'll be a waste not to buy :) x

  3. I love menswear. I've always been a tomboy, maybe that's the reason. I just often find womens clothing too girly.

  4. I love these shots! Great to see you just chilling out, going for coffee. And I really like your outfit. I sometimes feel I wear mens' clothing too often, mostly their shirts. I love wearing a big cotton shirt, worn like a jacket, open over a (mens') t-shirt. That's my fave 'just hanging around' look. If I'm getting fancy, I'll add a (women's') vintage necklace to the look. xo

  5. I love men accessories and how you use them :)

    \ Indigo Lights

  6. I love my morning coffee too, and really taking time to enjoy it. Love your outfit here <3 xo

  7. Great photos,

    Lots of love.

  8. Love dungarees so much lately! I used to wear them in college all the time! xxx

  9. I love this outfit from head to toes, the masculine vibe is a-ma-zing and I love that shirt. You look great Victoria!

  10. I don't have the shape for menswear but I do love the style on other women, it is very sexy cool. Kinda like Chrissy Hynde (sp?) from The Pretenders, she is someone that comes to mind when I think of women who wear menswear really well! The style really suits you, love the b/w pics. You're lucky to have a friend you can chill with and then take some great shots, this is what I've been trying to have for yeeears now, hahaha!

  11. Wauw, stunning pictures.


  12. Amazing look!
    http://rustorstardust.blogspot.pt/ **

  13. Qué fotos más chulas!!! yo también soy una enamorada del café... por la mañana también me levanto un poco antes y me lo tomo mientras juego con mis gatos, jejjejeje.
    Los petos, pichis, etc me vuelven loca, así que este look también me encanta :-)


  14. Nice coffee capture!



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