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Styling with Paper Dolls| Missy Elliot- WORK IT

Missy Elliot – WORK IT
Last week, Missy revealed that the dynamic duo was scheduled to return to the studio. It's been nearly a decade since Missy Elliott's last solo album, 2005's The Cookbook, but Timbaland says a new one may be on its way and we can’t wait for this, right? I’ve been Missy’s fan since growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Since I saw her performed at the launch of Wang’s new H&M collection I’ve been a bit obsessed, the show reverberated with the sound waves of Missy Elliott beats that no one can’t resist!

I created 3 different outfit using a mixture of prints, colours and cool t-shirts from H&M Divided collection.
  First outfit:

-Chain Jacket H&M
- T-shirt H&M
- Leopard pint trousers H&M
 Second Outfit:
-Tropical print top H&M
-Skirt H&M
-Gold Necklaces H&M
 Third Outfit
-Plaid Shirt H&M
-Denim Overall H&M

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  1. Me encantan tus GIFS!http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  2. Victoria, I loooove this- where do I start! Like how you put the pieces together and the effects you made (dont remember the technical word for when you do that!)- last year I saw a few peeps with floral pieces that were accented by sporty stripes- i love that mix of Tropicana Meets Sports Fan...I loooooove Missy Elliottt, I first got to know here in the 90s too, before she had the Supa Dupa fly album, when she would sing on every goddamn chorous and make hits. Then the Cant Stand The Rain came out- that dope entrance beat- I was like who is this fly fat chick in a plastic bag dancing so well who doesnt give a fuck??!! I miss those days, I miss those stars, I miss those multi talented rappers- she could sing, rap, dance- a triple threat....I'm excited about the new album, but I must admit, I am scared too, its hard to live up to the greatness she/they created back in the day...X

    1. Thank you! you mean gifs? haha I know she was awesome in the 90's but I reckon she'll be great now too

  3. Oh dear Vikorija I am so happy about Missy Elliott.It's great news.I love her so mush too and I was at her live on Exit festival at 2010.She was amazing.The concert began with my favorite song She's Bitch :)
    Today I was waching Janet Jackson video with her, Son Of A Gun :) I am a Huge Janet fan

    Love yours looks as always and you are amazing.

  4. Love your gifs. You're a master in mixing prints ;)

  5. Love your gift, love the missing prints
    ♡ pazhalabirodriguez.com

  6. Me encanta el peto con la camisa de cuadros y el jersey tropical. Las fotos me superflipan!!! :-)


  7. I had a crush on that chain jacket.

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.

  8. Cool post!
    I like the idea!


  9. Wow, totally forgot about Missy Elliot! I used to love her in middle school. Love your posts girl!

    Alcina | Lizard Queen Bee


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