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DIY| Jackson Pollock's Hat

Some of the things I tend to do when I'm bored at home while listening to some music -I  experiment with different things. The feeling of not knowing what I'm doing but still letting the energy flow is always great, then I found things that catch my attention. I start everything thinking is already destroyed so it doesn't matter...The material of the hat is great for the project because it's stiff. 
I bought this hat in a market in Mexico and it's made out of a waterproof material so people can wear it while is raining. The painting I used it's also for outdoors so the hat won't be ruined if I want to wear it outside. I wore the hat today and I had mixed looks on the street...I don't care....I like it! Ok. Let's face it, the hat looks like some birds poo on it or someone came in my hat LOL. What do you think?

4 comentarios:

  1. Love when people get creative. Great effect!

  2. You are so creative! I love this :)

    \ Indigo Lights

  3. This is so simple yet looks so cool...my kind of DIY haha :) What music have you been listening to? I bought new Jack White album, really liking it...also did you see the video "Just One of the Guys" by Jenny Lewis...i think you would like it :) v funny.

  4. Really beautiful idea, I love it! :)


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