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55DSL Celebrates 20 years of being innovative and cool.

Must brands don’t seem creative and free spirit enough to feel inspired by. I like brands who think outside the box. This is the case of 55DSL, a brand whose roots started in the North of Italy. Back in the early 90’s Renzo Rosso, a fashion genius, entrepreneur and founder of Diesel was into extreme sports and street subcultures, so 20 years ago alongside with his son Andrea Rosso created a sport and street wear minded company.

For the past twenty years, 55DSL has collaborated with an almost innumerable amount of creative talent – across everything from t-shirts to films and jackets to prints. Creating collections for those who feel equally at home in an urban dwelling as a rural scenario, practical and comfortable, while remaining aesthetically stunning and unique through the versatile use of inspired graphics and artistic collaborations.

20 Years of 55DSL from 55DSL on Vimeo.

I strongly recommend to watch the video, specially if you want to feel inspired by a brand with no limitations, no rules, a brand that seems more like a talented artist collective, who is inspired in art and people who like to express themselves.

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