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Subtle and Sophisticated Piercings

Piercings have made a significant comeback in the past 4 years. Today, piercings are gaining serious speed as a trend but are sticking to today’s aesthetic: minimalist and delicate. Body jewelry fashion has become so popular and desirable these days. The good thing is that you can buy high quality body jewelry accessories online. There's plenty of options but one that comes to my mind is FreshTrends they have been leader in the body jewelry industry since 2003 and have an extensive selections of different types of body piercings.
Think back to Spring 2012 Couture week, when Givenchy wowed us with those memorable, over-the-top septum piercings oversized nose rings in mixed metals, dripping with decorative chains and diamonds. I personally really like the nose ring crossed earring chain at the moment I have a couple and it always makes me feel a bit more especial when I put it on. 

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  1. I love piercing. I had one in my eyebrow however if I want to be a teacher I can't have any. Bummer :(

  2. Love these shots! Piercings have always been one of my favorite things to have. Planning on piercing my septum soon :) Great post x


  3. Beautiful black and white images, and how gorgeous does Erykah Badu look- she's my favourite one of the bunch. Her nose piercing is eeeeverything! When I was much younger I wanted to get piercings all up my ear and in the inside and then the fleshy part in the outside...I stopped at just getting the top of my ear done though!


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