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Buying truly sustainable fashion is a huge challenge. Sustainability means using resources in a way that does not impoverish the planet for the next generation. People tend to have the idea that sustainable fashion is boring and lacks novelty.

Fashion designers and up and coming brands are now re-introducing eco-conscious methods at the source through the use of environmentally friendly materials and socially responsible methods of production.

The jumpsuit I'm wearing is from a label called Madia & Matilda, based in the beautiful Cotswold's whose specializes in upcycled and sustainable fabrics founded by Shalize Nicholas. Each Piece is hand crafted with care, turning old garments and remnants, into new designs or simply designing new garments with sustainable fabrics.

The story behind each garment is what Madia & Matilda value and is inspired by. Keeping heritage and craft alive, yet with an innovative twist; Madia & Matilda share a passion for beautifully created clothing, which prolongs the longevity of a garments lifespan, leading to a less wasteful world.

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  1. Me encanto la marca! Estoy empezando a escribir sobre sustainable fashion, me encantaría que platicáramos para que me pases ideas! =) http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  2. Oh this is just perfect look and I love it :)

  3. No conocía de la marca pero gracias Victoria por introducirla :D poco a poco estoy leyendo más sobre sustainable fashion porque me interesa bastante ;)


  4. Cute look :) M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr

  5. Love it!
    I just drop in this post, and I simple love it... The jumpsuit, the sunnies, your style is amazing!!!
    Love from pazhalabirodriguez.com ♡


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