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Shinola| American Craftsmanship at its Best

I really dislike mass production. Not only with food but also with clothing and accessories. Sometimes I know is cheaper and is easy to go down that route but in the long run it's bad for the environment and our pockets, plus I believe is very important to support local talent.

Today I would like to introduce you to Shinola, perhaps you already know about this company, founded in 2011 in the US. They produce high-quality, handcrafted products working with a group of extraordinary American manufacturers making a range of products that are beautiful, meaningful and made to last.

Their handmade bicycles and leather accessories are so cool and stylish but also are meticulously handcrafted using only the highest quality materials. Each Shinola bicycle undergoes a precise, custom-level assembly by experts in our Detroit Flagship retail store at 441 W. Canfield. 

In September 2014, they launched an ecommerce site across Europe and opened a shop in Carnaby Street London. You can check all their products in their shop here

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  1. The first bicycle is so beautiful! I've been shopping mass production itens my entie life and now I just came to realize is not worth it, and it's awful for the environment, as you mentioned. I'm trying to change my consumer behaviour, but it's not easy!

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