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Choosing the Right Theme for a Creative Blog

Everything we do in this website is very visual, so we need a website that can handle images, which is why we have chosen this theme. I believe choosing a clean design that is easy to navigate is the best option. If you run a website that relies heavily on images to convey your message here are our tips for choosing the right theme. At the end of the article, we also give you a tip to help you to keep your website up and running.

Go for magazine style themes
Magazine style themes are great for visual based websites. They are designed to carry images, so that stories and articles can be laid out to look similar to a story in a magazine or newspaper. If you use WordPress, there are quite a few good free themes available.
Make sure the theme includes navigation menus
An awful lot of art or fashion themed sites we see are very disorganised. It is impossible to find anything on them. This is a shame because if you add a top or sidebar menu readers are far more likely to explore your site and read more of your posts. They will also be able to find what they need.

Mobile friendly
These days the vast majority of people browse the web on their mobile. It is therefore essential to use a theme that resizes itself to fit onto the screen your website is being viewed on. Fortunately, there are quite a few responsive magazine style themes available.

Try a few
Our suggestion is that you try out a few of these themes. The way we do it is to buy a cheap domain name, add it to our hosting, add a theme and post a few stories. We then mess around with various themes until we find one that we like.

Having a spare domain name is useful for trying all kinds of things and given the fact that most hosting plans allow you to host more than one site having a spare domain to try new ideas out on only costs you a few extra dollars. Do not forget to try your site on several different devices, so you can see how each theme looks on a phone, tablet and pc or laptop screen.

Buy the right kind of hosting
When you are running a website that features a lot of images and videos you need to be aware that this takes up a lot of space. It is, therefore, important to buy professional hosting that can handle the amount of data you are planning to put on your site.
The last thing you need is for your blog to be down when visitors try to visit your website. You may have to pay a little more for this kind of hosting, but it is worth doing to ensure your website is always up. Some of the cost can be covered by the fact that the firms who sell good quality hosting will often offer you a free domain name when you sign up for hosting with them.

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