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Uniqlo Heattech Collaboration With Most Creative Outdoor Workers

HEATTECH is a line of clothing developed by UNIQLO - the cutting edge fabric takes body heat and stores it in pockets of air within the material to keep the wearer warm without being bulky.

UNIQLO have teamed up with a whole host of the city’s most interesting outdoor workers, including The Pothole Gardener - a guerrilla gardener from London. One day, Steve Wheen went to the famous London flower market on Columbia Road to pick up some plants for his flat. He saw a pothole in the middle of the road and for no particular reason he decided to put some of his plants inside. Within 10 minutes he had created a ‘mini garden’ and an idea was born. He started doing these ‘mini gardens’ all across East London.

This week, on Thursday 13th from 11am Steve Wheen aka The Pothole Gardner will be planning a special set of HEATTECH inspired seasonal gardens near the High St Kensington Store. This will be the first garden he plants as part of his  "Water My Garden," a fundraising project whereby people can water The Pothole Gardeners gardens, by donating money online to Water Aid. By supporting the project, people be spreading the happiness by encouraging more little gardens to pop up around London, while at the same time helping people who need access to fresh water and sanitation.

So come on down to High St Kensington on Thursday morning and witness Steve in action. Not only will you get to see the one of these awesome pothole gardens up close, but there will also be a chance to pick up a voucher for a free HEATTECH t-shirt!

Everyone in London can benefit from owning an item of HEATTECH clothing; it’s not just for winter sports but also for general use in the coming colder months.

Visit: http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/heattech-uk/

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