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Photography| The Beauty of 'Imperfections'

We all have moles or birthmarks, they add personality to our body. However they could be a target for our insecurities too, especially if they are big. These 'imperfections' tent to have stories behind. I have 2 in my left cheek, one is a black dot and the other one is reddish colour,  like a wine stain; They are next to each other. People often makes comments about my birthmarks suggesting they look like love bite or a bruise.

This week Mariana show us a beautiful post about Moles/Birthmarks. As she says: 'I've always believed that people with moles/birthmarks are lucky, birthmarks can reflect stories, beauty and personality. I have one in the right leg and I call it confetti because is the size of one, we all have a history of one and with these photography series I would like to document it.

The first photos are from Marina,

Marina once asked her mother to count all her birthmarks around her face and body, she was very surprise when she found many she didn't know were there, she still remembers the occasion when she join the dots forming triangle, she really likes her all of her birthmarks  especially the forehead one, a gift from her grandmother who could not meet.

The other girl is Margarita,

Margarita has 17 spots on the face, most of them inherited from his mother, and some others from  his dad in particular the one is heart-shaped, her birthmarks remind her sometimes of that guy who was in love with her because he said her moles were like chocolate chips.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Celebrating imperfections is always a good idea, I love this :)

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  2. wow, this idea is so nice, everybody has his own constellation in the body!


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