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Interview | The Man Behind IMPREINT

I met with London based artist aka IMPREINT last week for an interview/talk where he tell us more about his concept IMPREINT and his project Portraits he started in December last year to involve people in his art in an uplifting way, unifying so the people around the world with a simple concept. People around the world holding a balloon and everybody can participate. 'Ballooons are like people: all different, imperfect yet all beautiful'

Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

I come from a different environment, I never thought to produce artworks but I’ve always been interested in art. The fact that I discovered that I’m able to create makes the difference from the past because I don’t need anymore to possess. I’m grateful in any case to my previous experiences because through them I arrived to this point.

Could you tell us more about your IMPREINT concept?

When I started to create my ego came out enormously, so I was looking for deconstructing myself and to create a concept instead of my persona. This is reflected in my work and this is why I like to share anytime I can.

Why do you think art can have a social impact?

Art has always had a social impact. Looking at a painting and finding an emotion is already something social. As I said I found in sharing the meaning of being an artist, so the fact that the other will be involved in your work has to make you responsible for your choices.

Tell us more about your project ‘Save me.'

Since the begin I was thinking to do something for the others connected with art. The project is called ‘Save me.’ because the name is taken from one of my earliest paintings. The idea is simple but concrete, do something together. Is an open project, everybody can give his contribution.

What’s next for IMPREINT?

Say thanks to you and send you this interview.

He is having a talk this Wednesday 12th at 6pm  at  Arancina
19 Pembridge Road
W11 3HG

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