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DIY| Fuck Up My Top

This is probably the most enjoyable DIY I have done so far. Why? Because I did it we some friends. Three minds are always better than one and I always enjoy brainstorming  ideas with other people, it's about sharing and supporting one another and overall having fun.
I work on my own a lot of the time but 'hanging out' and producing something creative with a bunch of people is a wonderful feeling. I believe creativity can bring people together no matter what their social status, race, cultur, background etc..

Este es  probablemente, uno de los DIYs que más he disfrutado hasta ahora. ¿Por qué? Porque lo hice con amigos. Tres mentes siempre trabajan mejor que una sola. Disfruto mucho compartir ideas con otras personas, se trata de compartir y apoyar el uno al otro y divertinors.
Yo trabajo sola una gran parte del tiempo, pero 'salir' y producir algo creativo con gente es una sensación maravillosa. Creo que la creatividad puede unir a la gente sin importar su condición social, raza, cultura, etc.
This DIY is free style and for the denim jacket we use bleach, fabric paint and spray paint, for his shirt we only use fabric paint and spray paint. 

Like my previous DIY this is about having fun and self-expression through fashion,  making our clothes more unique and personalised,  expressing who we are, what we like, what we believe.

Al igual que mi DIY anterior se trata de divertirse y la auto-expresión a través de la moda, para hacer la ropa más única y personalizada, expresando lo que somos, lo que nos gusta, lo que creemos.

Editing and production: MK Ceesay
Photography: Celine 

6 comentarios:

  1. i absolute love the result!! and great pics too!


  2. I totally agree with your statement that creativity brings people together. Somehow we find connection with each other. That is a great post. I really enjoyed the video. Great creations especially the denim jacket. It looks awesome!

  3. So neat how you did these together. They both turned out really nicely.

  4. Great colourful photos!



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