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Tatty Devine British Jewellery Designers Celebrate their 15 Years of Trajectory

A had the pleasure of meeting iconic British jewellery designers Tatty Devine to celebrate their 15th anniversary in a pop-up shop at Southbank Centre. 

Designers Harriet and Rosie met in 1999 when they were studying Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art. When they finished they didn't want to get ‘proper’ jobs so they decided to make things to sell on a market stall and that's how Tatty Devine was born and they haven't stop since then. Creating original designs from scratch, and almost all of their jewellery is made by hand in Tatty Devine's workshops in London and Kent. Colourful, confident, anybody can wear Tatty Devine.

To celebrate their 15 anniversary, the cult brand are bringing back 15 key pieces from their archives, one from each year, to make up their birthday collection.

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