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Living NOW Reflection + Shirt and Jeans DIY

Lately I’ve been customising my clothes. The idea of wearing something that has a little of bit of my personality makes me happy, even I didn’t make the clothes from scratch adding something that says something about me or what I believe is super special. I believe it’s important not to follow the consumerism trap. You don’t need a lot of money or tremendous skills to look unique. You only need to have a strong desire and passion to express yourself with clothes.

For this DIY, I only used black fabric paint that cost me £2.50. I bought the white shirt in a charity shop for £1. The cost of the DIY was £3.50 in total. I printed the letters using the black paint, brush and a stencil. For the jeans I only used a fabric marker to make the eyes by hand.

I picked the word NOW to print in my shirt.  NOW WHAT? Because NOW is the only thing we own and we should enjoy to the max; NOW is enjoying that cup of coffee you are drinking, NOW is the time you say what you think, NOW is the time when you take action to do what you always wanted to do, NOW is when you enjoy that talk with your friends, or that walk on your way home etc…

Our mind is never in the present moment and we must remind ourselves to live NOW and enjoy all the beautiful, simple and free things that life give us each day.

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  1. 'You don’t need a lot of money or tremendous skills to look unique. You only need to have a strong desire and passion to express yourself with clothes.' - This is exactly why I love your blog. I simply have the same opinion. Great DIYs! You always give me a kick to create :D Thanks love :D

  2. I love it that you did not only personalized your clothes but also you had a reason for doing so. I agree 100% with what you said about living the moment and being in it and not thinking about something else, and also with the concept of only having -now- .
    I'd love to do it but even if I bought a t-shirt in a charity shop here, it would be more than 8 euros which is kind of a whole awful lot here :( It's so so sad how expensive things are in Argentina!


    1. You could use one that is a bit old and you don't use it often :) Thanks for your kind words x

  3. I love your explanation for chosing the word 'now', and you're so right :) I also really like how the jeans turned out!

    \ Indigo Lights

  4. I am going to have to copy you on the denim diy. Amazing!

  5. Such a cool idea! And the photos in front of the graffiti wall are super.

  6. Hi Victoria,

    You did such an amazing job personalising the outfit and styling it.
    I couldnt agree more with your inspiration for the NOW top as I too believe that in our age of technology where everything is so fast paced and we all think ahead of time, many a times we forget that we need to live the moment. The most important aspect of loving your life and appreciating every little details of it.

    Keep on your personalising!


  7. Gorgeous outfit! I love the combination of the patterns, they work so well together :D


  8. Such a cool DIY! And you look as adorable as ever!

  9. Absolutely love your DIY - and the thoughts behind it. The NOW shirt is an amazing statement!


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