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The True About Dating

When we meet someone we often try to put across a ‘better picture’ of ourselves. The person we think is ‘better’ than the real us. We all do it. I don’t know why? Perhaps it’s the media, perhaps it’s because of what people have told us or perhaps it’s all the information around telling us what is best, better and more beautiful.
Whenever I’m out meeting people it always surprises me that the people who get my attention aren’t the girl/boy wearing tons of makeup and an impeccable appearance.

The people that attract me the most are the ones that shine inside out and I think that’s just the pure confidence of being natural; of being yourself.

Herbal Essences challenges you to embrace your naked, natural hair. Ditch the pressure to get glammed up - why should we be told how to dress, look or act? There are plenty of reasons to #GetNaked, there’s nothing sexier than just being yourself. You’ll feel great, happy and free.

Herbal Essences created this really funny video: “Naked Truth About Dating”. Following one girl on a first date from primping and preening to telling small fibs, it sheds light on the differences between what we say and what we really mean. In the end, when we #GetNaked and give up the act, we’re happier, so stop pretending you love salad, ladies, and order that pasta pronto! Because the REAL you is sexy.

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked range will let your locks show off their natural beauty with shampoos and conditioners free of parabens, silicones and dyes.  Whether you’re looking for Volume, Shine or Moisture, the shampoos and conditioners leave your hair touchably soft, while the dry shampoos are the perfect solution for #GetNaked tresses that need a quick fix.

If you tweet a naked hair selfie to the tag @_HerbalEssences #GetNaked, you could win £2,000 of shopping vouchers.

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  1. I've been dating a lot this summer, and I'm in my 30s maybe its that combination that makes me soooo different from this gal- no.1 it does not take me hours to get ready, it takes about 3omins and that includes my shower, no.2 it takes me a while before I go out for dinner with a guy- I am sooooo self conscious of how i eat, i need to be comfortable with that person...but when i do get cormy, i aint eating a salad. Thats for sure. 3) I have no qualms making the first move and kissing the guy. *But this is only when they are majorly younger and genuinely seem intimidated. Ahhhh young blood... but the waiting by the phone thing, yup, i'm guilty of that one for sure!!


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