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Ray-Ban Presents: The Order of Never Hide

While the exact date of origin is unknown, the Order of Never Hide has been a top secret society for centuries. It is a movement established to preserve individuality, eccentricity and the ability to be comfortable in your own skin!
Ray-Ban invites you to take the challenge and show your true personality to the world. Because our characteristics, even our most eccentric ones, are what make us unique. Why not test yourself in five bold challenges to enter the digital community of “Never Hide”
There are 5 challenges to complete, inspired by the materials in Ray-Ban's 2014 campaign; Smooth as Velvet, Rugged as Denim, Tough as Leather, Blends like Camo and Strong as Titanium.
Completing challenges allows you to progress from one level to another within the Order of Never Hide. After having completed all the challenges, consumers can win tickets for a fancy trip for two to London: on 25th October 2014, where you'll take part in the initiation ceremony where you’ll be the first official modern members of the order.

Feel like taking part? Click here!

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