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Art| Katharina Grosse Installations

Born in Germany Katharina Grosse currently lives and works in Berlin. Through a fusion of painting with architecture and sculpture, Grosse produces a physically immersive experience for the viewer, choosing to work directly onto walls and objects using an industrial spray gun.

Her large and colorful installations explore how abstract painting functions in a three-dimensional field. The installations take her work on canvas out of the studio into a larger context in which she can isolate certain specific concerns.  Her method draws from a combination of art historical traditions—from fresco, plein-air painting, Abstract Expressionism and street graffiti.


Nacida en Alemania Katharina Grosse actualmente vive y trabaja en Berlín. A través de una fusión de la pintura con la arquitectura y la escultura, Grosse produce una experiencia físicamente inmersiva para el espectador, ella trabaja directamente sobre las paredes y los objetos utilizando una pistola de pulverización industrial. 

Sus grandes y coloridas instalaciones exploran funciones de pintura abstractas en un campo tridimensional. Su método se basa en una combinación de tradiciones artísticas de pintura al aire libre, el expresionismo abstracto y grafffiti.

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  1. Wow, they are amazing! Have to check her out when I'm in Berlin next time!

  2. Me encanta! http://www.thepaarblog.com/


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