09 10

Bed Head Hair Space Launch Party at @Boxpark

Yesterday I went to Bed Head Hair Launch party at Boxpark in Shoreditch hosted by Vice, the very first salon BED HEAD done in the UK!
Upon my arrival I was immediately welcomed by all the friendly Bed Head team. I was so drawn by one of their walls, the products display was so colourful and visually attractive. The other side of the space, is the salon, which is cosy and comfy creating an intimate atmosphere, where everybody is chatting to one another, then I was introduced to Piero the most smiley and happy hair stylist who was going to styled my hair for the day and who did a fantastic job considering I was all sweaty. After that we went to Boxpark terrace to enjoy the fabulous weather, good music and drinks. I left the space with a fabulous hairstyle, a generous goody bag full of Bed Head products and a big smile after meeting a bunch of wonderful creative people.

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  1. Super y la foto de tu look a ver como te quedo el peinado!!!,


  2. wow! I wish I could join this kind of events!!!
    ciao :)
    Chiara ~ www.chiaweb.it

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