Stories of Being She| Cleopatra #Selfie

She wore very rich dresses with heavy gold and had an Egyptian wig she would wear when she had to make appearances. She also wore eyeliner in the Egyptian style, that is similar to the cats eye appearance of today. This is Cleopatra.

In her lifetime, she made several contributions to her empire and proved herself as an independent ruler, determined to fight for her country in a world dominated by men. She accomplished many things during her reign and made evident her competence as the monarch of Egypt.

One of her greatest accomplishments was a marked improvement in the role of women in the society in those times. Also, her personal life inspired many to treat marriage as nothing more than a partnership, with each of the two partners having his/her individual responsibilities to fulfill. Her accomplishment as a successful woman leader in the Hellenistic era led her to become a role model for all women. Although, she failed to secure freedom for her country, she is remembered for her traits and achievements. Her beauty, intelligence, education, and passionate devotion to the well being of Egypt offer significant hints of some of the most important developments in her life and death.

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  1. Me encanta el GIF! Que cool!

  2. Historical independant woman - an inspiration! Love the Giff! Nikki x


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