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London Events| The House of Peroni

I told you in previous posts I went to The House of Peroni, an elegant townhouse in central London has been transformed into a multi-storey, multi-sensory celebration of Italian style and culture.
When you wander from room to room you find a combination of art installations, workshops, bar and restaurant each room has something special.

My personal highlights included the seriously trippy optical illusion striped-room by Andrea Morgante, the concrete bar inspired by the brutalist architecture of 1960s Milan, the incredible flowing table in the top-floor restaurant and an amazing interactive installation by digital artist Leonardoworx.

Another installation that I loved was by Italian artist Francesca Pasquali 'Sixsties Spiderballas' inspired by the 1960's art movement 'Arte Povera'

Another room was the Carlotta Actis Barone 'Wrapping Illusion' inspired by fashion and design in 1963 and  Vivetta's interactive front cover installation, a reflection of the female sentiment of the era and the role the media had in its portrayal.

Digital artist Leonardoworx has chosen to create a multi-faceted, sensory based installation that seeks to amplify human interaction based on a stylised reinterpretation of the 'Cheers' gesture.

The Ribbon Bar, Andrea Morgate's continuous Ribbon dinging table filters into this room, forming a Restaurant.

64 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London

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  1. Wow, you are ever-inspiring me to travel to London....!

  2. woah, love this so much! wish i was in london now..

  3. Incredible, huge portion of inspiration! :D

  4. That place is amazing, I like each room, and I'm specially obsessed with that ribbon tables!

  5. Wow, so neat. Must have been great to see in real life.


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