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Fashion LOLs

Accessories are a great way of expressing your personality. I think it's because they can lift an otherwise simple outfit. It's good to see fun and humour in fashion don't you think?
From Emerging Accessories Designer award-winner and flamingo enthusiast Sophia Webster, whose pop-art-inspired 'girl talk' stilettos are among the most coveted around at the moment, to Charlotte Olympia, who has made carrying a gummy-bear clutch bag throughly acceptable behaviour for the over 30s. Newcomer designer Ashley Williams, whose teddy-bear and puffer-fish handbags are currently raising a smile too.

Another designer leader when it comes to style with a healthy dose of giggles, Holland has stayed loyal to a tongue-in-cheek approach since arriving on the fashion circuit with label House of Holland. The East End-based Designer has never been afraid to swim upstream against an industry that's renowned for taking itself too seriously.

Designers such as Sarah's bag and Yazbukey, with their take on pop-art classics, the mood-lifting power of accessories was demonstrated at London Fashion Week by bag lady Anya Hindmarchwho sent models dancing down the catwalk clutching cereal-box clutch bags and Rich Tea purses. 'This was about celebrating and seizing the moment to get happy', said the designer. She has previously turned crisp packets and quality street into wearable treats.

Another designer making a name from turning the ordinary into extraordinary is raising star Sophie Hulme, whose current accessories offering includes key rings in the shape of chip forks, Spirographs patterns and googly-eyed pom-pom men crafted from mink. ' I like to take ordinary, cheap, recognisable things and make them gold' says Hulme. 'It's about taking something we are so used to and take for granted, and making it special. People responde to things from everyday life - they're objects which inspire memories'.

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  1. great post, this is one of my goals in personal style, and self expression, to not take things too seriously :)

  2. the Charlotte Olympia bags are so cute but the clutches from Sophie Hulme are my fave!!!
    ciao :)

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  3. Great selection of 'Out There' accessories...the Sophie H detergent bags give a new meaning to airing your dirty laundry in public, She aint new on the scene but I love Lulu G's quirky bags....

  4. I totally agree that accessories are a great way of showing your personality! Love these designs,especially House of Holland x

  5. That first photo is so trippy!! Indeed accessories can give that outfit an extra oomph! Sadly I'm not much of an accessories kind of girl, too lazy, hehehe...Anyway thanks for commenting on my blog! Returning the support as always!


  6. This is brilliant. I love Anya Hindmarch's idea to seize the moment and embrace happiness. Fashion should be fun. I love all these bags that you've featured. Especially into that Ariel clutch. Majorly adorable. xx


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Really great post, I think it's always nice to show a little humor in the middle of such a serious industry, I love those items!
    You're welcome at my blog any time you want!


  8. Nice post :)


  9. do you know this shop? fun and affordable - reminded me of the first image. http://www.jenniferloiselle.com/

  10. These items are so much fun :D

  11. all the accessories are things to die for.
    I just couldn't resist the unique part of those things.



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