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Alexander Wang| Truly Ready to Wear

Alexander Wang is the epitome of effortlessly-cool designs. The New York-based designer has built a loyal following for his grunge-cool style mantra. 

Wang's sleek directional tailoring, must-have bags and relaxed separates with a sporty spin have been featured on the runway since 2007 and have since gained recognition for their remarkably tasteful aesthetic. Wang’s designs are practical yet transformative.

Wang, unlike other modern day fashion designers, creates clothing that is truly ready-to-wear, and because of this he has a wide range of fans. He pushes the boundaries of fashion in a practical sense and incorporates elements of high fashion in order to appeal to a vast audience.
The work of Wang is universally recognized, and his success has been on the rise since his debut. 

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  1. Great post! Super creative and I adore AW!



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