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The Way Technology is Changing our Lives

I was born in the 80's and growing up in the 80's meant 2 things, big hair and big TVs right? I just remember sitting in front of this huge TV, that looked like a wooden church organ in the middle of the living room and everytime I wanted to change the channel I had to turn around these huge buttons. It is amazing to see how much things have changed from those days. Now, with the ever changing technological world that we live in, everyday new technolgy is developed to bring new experiences that a few years ago we couldn't have dreamt of and this is exciting!!
The next revolution in TV is here and is threatening to make your existing HD TV pale in comparison. Most commonly known as 4K TV, the new format was originally developed for use in digital cinema projection and offers four times the resolution of the existing Full HD, 1080p TVs. The 4K format used for digital cinema delivers astonishingly detailed images thanks to its support for a maximum resolution of 4,096 × 2,160 pixels. However, 4K for TVs has a slightly different resolution of 3,840x2,160 pixels, exactly four times that of the current HD standard. There are good technical reasons for that, as we'll explain, but this is one reason why the TV standard is being called Ultra HD instead of 4K.

TV: Past vs Present - Infographic
Courtesy of Sony

The 4K TV is Sony's new range of TVs  that have amplified the user experience to give you that ambience of crystal like viewing content on your home TV. The colour quality is another plus point, the difference in dimension and texture you get from the 4K TV is very distinctive and noticable. A big beautiful screen that doesn't need extra curves or egregious size to give you eyegasms. It's the type of TV that'll end up trickling down into our living rooms because there aren't any gimmicks that'll be forgotten about the next time someone wants to throw needless features on the wall and see what sticks.
You can also incorporate your social media during your viewing. I personally know that interactive banter over live viewing is best done at real time. The Sony’s 4K TV incorporates all the needs from visual and sound quality design and social media interaction right on time. 
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  1. OMG, I'm so out of it, had no idea you can now access Twitter on TV, scary! I'm all for technology advancements and I understand that the engineers etc need to keep on thinking of new ways to enhance change, as well, if not- they are jobless! But it makes me think is there such a thing as too much choice...and do people think as much about what they are watching anymore. Its so easy now to be distracted, you dont have to get up to change a channel, you can be distracted via another platform whilst on another distracting platform....Ok my Grandma Rant is over!!


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