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This is outfit made me feel great all day. I wore it last week to go to work, I think the 70's vibe  meets androgynous combo made me feel right in my zone plus how cute is the bag I'm wearing? 
When it comes to bags,  I'm more into practical everyday cotton bags and that is why I loved this bag because it has the practicability of a cotton bag but the leather alike material gives more support and it looks better, the bag also has a zip which is handy when you want to keep things like your mobile or ipad away from thieves sight.
The bag it is what I would call takeaway art. The bag is from a brand called JIAB, this brand focus on the works of Kultida Jiab a visual artist base in Berlin, who has create a line of accessories and ready to wear pieces. You could visit their website here!


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  1. The bag is one of a kind. I like the way you described it as 'takeaway art'.
    Your outfit reminds me a bit of the Batman's bad character - the Joker, maybe because of the purple hat and jacket. But this association is not a bad thing. I think the look is very stylish, fun and its so you!

  2. Love this purple hat and that jacket is super amazing too. :)

  3. your style is always great and i love the hat! it is so cool and sweet that you get smiles from kids at your son's school! i bet the little kids think you are the bomb dot com ;) xo

  4. I like the bag and your style, as usual :)
    I'd prefer abiger bag anyway, I have always so many things to carry out with me...!
    ciao :)


  5. I love the bag, I just popped over to the site, they have so many to choose from! Nikki

  6. Hi, awesome styling! Love the bag! Love the contrast with the background! xx


  7. Amazing photos!!
    Adorable outfit and love how your purple jacket looks in front of the yellow background :)


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