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The other day, I was walking around Bond Street in London, between Prada, Chanel and LV there are a few art galleries. The first gallery I went in was Opera Gallery where I saw the work of the Spanish painter Lita Cabellut. This was the first time I saw her work. Her paintings were so beautiful and disturbing at the same time, reflecting human emotion through the mere strokes of paint on canvas, she portrays the deepest layers of the human soul. The result of her Fresco and chiaroscuro technique, warmly referred to as Cabellut’s palette, is a sort of beautiful, crackled, glazed effect. You could see the immense detail and  time spent on each piece, she manages to capture the invisible, the deepest of the human soul.
A Portrait of Human Knowledge, is on at The Opera Gallery, 134 Bond Street  London,

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  1. No se nada de arte pero estan geniales, el tercero es Marcel Marceau el mimo frances????
    tenia tiempo de no pasar por aqui he estado alejada de la blogosfera !!
    espero estes muy bien Victoria!!

  2. They are haunting and beautiful paintings. Mist have been very special seeing them hung in a gallery.

  3. These are so beautiful.


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