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Susie Bubble talks about New Wave in Italian Fashion

Hi guys! I'm a bit behind with this post. Last week I had the pleasure to hear Susie's talk about Italian fashion, perceptions, trends and designers to watch. She talked about the challenges young designers face in Italy and what we can do to support new talent. She talked with award winning accessories designer Simone Rainer and womenswear designer Arthur Arbesser.
Arthur said something I really liked. He said that as a designer and in life in general you have to stay hungry and find new challenges in your life it's the only way we can grow and learn. I could not agree more with that! 

After two hugely successful month-long residencies that saw over 8,000 people enjoy the best of Italian style, culture, food and drink, The House of Peroni closes its doors at 41 Portland Place on Saturday, November 30th, and will reopen in a new undisclosed location in May 2014.

The House, designed by renowned Italian architect, Andrea Morgante, was open to the public throughout the months of July and November and featured inspirational works by
over 30 innovative Italian artists, musicians, fashion designers, mixologists and chefs, including Ludovica Giosca, Carlo Bernadini, Formafantasma, Davide Quayola, Riva Starr, Simone Rainer, Andrrea RIOT and Fabio Quaranta, to name but a few.

From December 1st, The House of Peroni will continue living online at www.thehouseofperoni.com. Updated with daily stories of Italian style and featuring the best of Italian fashion, photography, art, design, food and drink, the site is a daily source of inspiration, containing fascinating interviews with Italy’s most creative talent, exclusive fashion shoots and specially commissioned short films from the Italian new wave. The site will also cover key events from Italy’s creative calendar, such as the Venice Carnival, Milan Fashion Week and Milan Design Week. 

I wore: Vintage Jacket, ASOS top, second hand belts, vintage hat, ASOS boots 

Hola chicos! Estoy un poco atrasada con este post . La semana pasada tuve el placer de escuchar la charla de Susie acerca de la moda Italiana , las percepciones , las tendencias y los diseñadores emergentes. Habló de los desafíos que enfrentan los jóvenes diseñadores en Italia y lo que pueden hacer para apoyar a los nuevos talentos. Ella habló con el galardonado diseñador de accesorios Simone Rainer y diseñador de moda  Arthur Arbesser.

Arthur dijo algo que me gustó mucho. Dijo que como diseñador y en la vida en general, te tienes que mantener hamriento y encontrar nuevos desafíos, es la única manera en que podemos crecer y aprender. No podría estar más de acuerdo con eso!

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  1. I really like your outfit, especially the colour pallette.

    PS. Did you think you can hide the bear on the last but one photo??? Did you really? :P :)


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