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DIY coat
Vintage top
H&M Jeans
H&M bag
DIY Converse

Remember when I did the Margiela DIY Converse. I did the  DIY about 3 months ago, I want to show you  the state of the converses after I painted them in white.
The painting is starting to crack up a bit but that is the whole point. I have been wearing the converses once a week approx so I guess if you use them everyday the result would be a bit more dramatic. I'm very happy with the result and I definitely recommend to do this if you have a pair of old converses around. If you have any questions let me know!

¿Recuerdas cuando hice los  Converses inspirados en Margiela?. Hice este DIY hace 3 meses y quiero mostrarles el estado de los converses después de pintarlos de blanco. 
La pintura está empezando a resquebrajarse un poco pero eso es el punto. He estado usandolos una vez a la semana aproximadamente, así que supongo si los utilizan todos los días, el resultado sería un poco más dramático. Estoy muy contento con el resultado y definitivamente les recomiendo hacer esto si tienen un par de Converse viejo por ahi. Si tienen alguna pregunta, hágamelo saber!

7 comentarios:

  1. I love the cracked effect on your converse! Amazing combo Victoria :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. The cracked paint looks cool, are they black underneath? Lovely sunny weather in the pics :) x

  3. dig the effect, i feel like they'd stay whiter this way too ironically.

  4. The shoes look pretty cool. :)
    Love that DIY coat.
    Glitter And Blush

  5. the DIY Converse are great!!! I always love your look!
    ciao :)

  6. this is awesome! for some reason this post just showed up in my feed the other day....dunno how i missed it :) i saw the Margiela/Converse collab last year and I'm keeping my eye open for a pair of shoes at the thrift shop so I can try it. Also, LOVE the way you styled this with the Versace like blouse and the MOSCHINO belt...is that a vintage belt? it looks great on you x


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