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Lomography| Sardina DIY Camera Giveaway Gift!

Lomography launched a really cool camera that you can DIY!!
The La Sardina DIY is a canvas to be filled with everything you ever wanted; you can now create the La Sardina of your dreams! Available in White and Black, these two DIY Edition Cameras dare you to go crazy and make it your personal piece of art. Wrap it in silk, splash color all over it or engrave something – the La Sardina DIY can be transformed very easily. Its special white surface enables you to design it however you want!
The camera comes with a cute little screwdriver that allows you to take apart the shell and work with all bits and pieces.
This way you can customize your camera in every creative way and match it with the wild pictures you will capture with it.

If you would like to enter to this giveway. The giveaway would be open for 2 weeks. This is what you need to do:

- Leave a comment in this post saying why would you like this camera, your email and name.

I will pick my favourite answer :) Good luck!

18 comentarios:

  1. I love it!!! :)


  2. i want it!!! I need a nice camera like this one to be able to create and see the world with different eyes! oh dear, I'm bad answering questions - though i do really want and need the camera - bad year... so.. maybe it is time to start working out better - or at least being more fun.

  3. So I can pack my memories in it, like in a can of sardines!




  4. I would love to win this, it would be such a fun way to realize a new vision! Eline
    Olivanderindigo at yahoo dot com

  5. I love that you can make your camera look as unique as the pictures you take with it. What a great idea. I think it would be a fun project for my 9 year old brother and I to do together, he would love it!


  6. I like this camera because it's always nice to go back to the past - when your photos still needs to be processed from films or even not having the chance to do editing. Because being not able to do editing means you take photos in one chance, yes it's not perfect but unprepared poses are the best - it brings much thoughts and memories. Through this La Sardina Camera, every photographs will turn out classic and unpredictable in the best way. :)

    Kathrine Anne Maranda

  7. I love that this camera can be as funky as it can be - I would cover it in positive affirmations when life is a skirt suit and heels makes my retirement in the sun days feel so far away!!

    Katie Skeoch
    mail2kat_s @ yahoo.co.uk

  8. I have always had Sardina on my wishlist because I have the best time when I'm photographing something. I love having the power of making a moment last forever. But Lomography has been a bit expensive for me lately so I went for other cameras like Zenit to continue experimenting with film. It would be amazing to add this camera to my collection which I have blogged about this year HERE. If you do pick me know that this camera would have an amazing home! :)

    Chamomile Dealer
    Elif Onay

  9. It is a piece of art that you can use to create even more pieces of art.
    Carolyn Dunk

  10. Hi, I've bought a coupla of Lomo cameras over the years (Diana Mini, Sprocket Rocket) and 'original' ones (Smena 8M and Smena 35) and even though La Sardina has always been on the radar I don't have money enough to afford it. Besides, I'm Spanish and the design looks a lot like real old sardines' tins such as the ones my grandma used to have. Thanks!!

  11. Have your thought that, sometimes, it becomes handy having a tiny little camera by your side? It doesn't need to be expensive, it doesn't need to be huge, it just needs to take photographs, cute photographs to keep your moments. And when I actually saw this camera I thought «This is the one, this is the right camera for me, it expresses my personality. How great is that?!», I'm really tiny/short so it would be even cuter having a camera like that! And since I love doodling, why not doodling in my own camera? It's a great idea, just thinking of that makes me excited! I could photograph nature, my pups, my family, my friends and myself.
    I could (finally) express myself in a different and original way.

    (My english is kinda bad... so I'm really, really sorry.. And I hope this is an worlwide giveway)


    Adriana Simões

  12. It would be nice to take a break from digital farts for the meantime and experience again the joy and anticipation brought by film cameras, lomography films and film processing. La Sardina is one of the best to share the satisfaction with; not to mention its DIY feature!

    Yazhmin Malajito

  13. Because it would be the perfect company for my walks. It would help me capture the beauty around me in a special way, with its unique personality.
    I'm sure me and La Sardina will become best friends as soon as we met! And since the sardine is a symbol of my lovely city - Lisbon - it will feel completely at home here. **

    Catarina Gomes

  14. I looked through many Flickr groups to see what kind of amazing results I could get with this camera and read up on the Lomography website, it made me want to shot film again and to get that beautiful tones ( plus some light leaks if i'm lucky) ... so i want to have fan shooting film and get unpredictable results
    nader elghanja

  15. I would love to have it-despite I don't eat similarly sardinia 'cause I'm a veggetarian :)- I want to try and learn making photos from diff. views that make me feel that I'm kinda photographer or beside my busy biology works I want to live a little for my creative side..that I've been neglecting in the last couple of years at uni.

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com
    Szabina Luzics

  16. I find poetic taking a picture, waiting till the pellicule is finished and then discovering what we shot.. I like buying old postcards and write notes, quotes and my feelings in the back of them then framing them...And someday, years after I will unframe them and read what I wrote back in time. I would love to do the same with pictures I will take with this camera !


  17. This camera will be my own, to photograph whatever i like. i am so sick of renting old cameras from my college technical room. i really want to photograph. my iidol is diane arbus, and i just want to go out on the streets and find my fantasy world just like she did.

  18. I have been wanting a Lomo for a while now, ever since I rediscovered lo fi film photography. It took me a while but the sense of nostalgia of taking photos using film using toy cameras got the best of me. you see, I used to do that as a child, so for a while it seemed a bit silly to do it again. Now all I want is a toy camera to play with!


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