09 10

Outfit| Dressing without the validacion from others

-Vintage boots
-Vintage hat
-Zara Jeans
-Mexican market vest
-Primark bag

You might have noticed by know, how much I love hats, I wear them all year round no matter what (I could even start a rap with that line ;)) I have the right hat for every occasion and I like to play a character each time :) I recently bought a vintage 40's hat that I can't wait to show you! I feel complete whenever I wear a hat ha,ha.. I guess is because, I feel  more confident when I wear them, plus it helps to hide the big head and messy hair.  I believe everybody has 'some pieces' that are more 'you' that make you feel confident or also hide from others... It certainly don't fit in the mum school run outfit, whenever I got to pick up my son from school!

I always think how important it is dressing for yourself without the validation from others, without trying to fit with other people expectations of what you should wear according to where your live, age, race, gender etc.. I refuse to dress mumsy just because I'm a mum or 'normal' just because I no-longer live in a big city etc... We should always wear whatever we want without the validation of others yay! :)

BTW, I am sorry if I turn off the comment box. I really appreciate all your comments and support and the people that have been following my blog almost since I started 2 years ago... but I want to be able to do 'my thing' without the validation, please don't call me an ungrateful bitch we can still keep in touch in facebook or twitter :) Please keep in touch :)