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I remember reading Franz Kafka's book the 'The Metamorphosis', when I was 16 years old. I remember feeling different emotions trough the book and  I couldn't understand exactly why. I guess I was very young with little experience in life. Now 15 years later, I read the book again and I was able to relate to the story in a personal way. I found the use of the metaphors to be interesting and it only provided the reader with a better view of how the world is through the eyes of human condition.  Franz Kafka is effective in achieving this purpose because he creatively uses metaphor.

After I finished the book, I felt the need of doing some art work representing the metamorphosis metaphor, so I did this self-portrait of butterflies growing in my face and flying away. Representing the feeling of learning and growing and then emerging in new light and understanding. I guess I want to achieve that transformation, the courage to carry out changes in the growth process, the ultimate freedom that butterflies seem to have and then my mini-installation I did in another occasion with objects I found around my house.