09 10

Contemporary Art Exhibitions in the heart of Shoreditch

   Work by Jiri Bouma
  Work by Jakub Geltner

  Work by Russell Hill

Work by Richard Hards

    Work by Marlene Haring

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Shoreditch to see the preview of two exhibitions by young contemporary artists.
Kinman, a gallery on Curtain Road set up in January by Henry Kinman. The concrete-lined basement gallery has been promoting a new wave of young artists. Febreze, features eight artists mostly based in London. My favourite piece was by artist Steve Bishop (second photo) a wall-mounted case that seems to have been packed with a crushed engine, the content is in fact a scrunched-up photographic print. Also liked the work of Amanda Ross-Hoo an artist based in Los Angeles, She works in painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography and found objects.

The other exhibition was Addendum [On the Shortness of Life] at Red Gallery, exhibiting artist from the Royal College of Art and Academy of Fine Art in Prague. This multi-functional venue which exhibits works that are rarely old, reflecting its ever evolving location. Events such as "Red Sonic" festival, university graduation shows, charity art programs, film screanings, talks, live art etc..