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Because we can never get enough of Frida's costumes and Mexico photos..

Sorry to be very predictable and come out with another post about Frida Kahlo, I've done a few Frida Kahlo's post here, here and here. Perhaps I should start to be more creative and find other interesting woman to dress up, perhaps Joan of Arc or something... I think is because I'm Mexican and is easy to fall into the Frida trap. This is perhaps one of the most colourful post I've done. I took the photos of Mexico last year while on holiday. The name of this small town in Mexico is Ajijic. The village is surrounded by mountains and the bigest lake in Mexico, Chapala. Beautiful and colourful town to visit :)
I hope you like the photos and I hope I haven't bored yet of my Frida's themes :)

Siento ser tan predecible y salir con otro post sobre Frida Kahlo, he hecho varios post de Frida Kahlo aquí, aquí y aquí. Tal vez debería empezar a ser más creativa y encontrar otra mujer interesante para vestir, tal vez Juana de Arco o algo ... Creo que es porque soy mexicana y es fácil caer en la trampa de Frida ja,ja. Este es quizás uno de los posts más colorido que he hecho. Tomé las fotos de México el año pasado durante las vacaciones. El nombre de este pequeño pueblo de México es Ajijic. El pueblo está rodeado de montañas y el lago mas grande de México, Chapala. Un pueblo hermoso y colorido  para visitar :)

Espero que les guste las fotos y espero que aun no los aburra con mi tematica de Frida  :)

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  1. love this post! i love frida kahlo, could never be bored by a post relating to her :) xx

  2. i can't have enough of frida kahlo

  3. I will never ever get bored with you or your blog.

  4. victoria, keep doing what makes you happy! i like your posts. i doubt you could ever be boring;

  5. Aaah i just love these photos! I always love frida for her use of colors, which is also coming back here. Wonderful!

  6. Breathtakingly bright and vibrant!


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