09 10

Outfit + Sketchbook


    Wearing:  Charity Shop Blouse and bag
           H&M Trousers
           Vintage shoes

Hello! Not much to say today, but this is my outfit of the day..As  you probably know by now, I love bow ties and can't give them up. A bit of a fun element, the trousers and some drawings from one of my sketchbooks. I have like 3 different sketchbooks. One from random stuff, to write pretty much everything that comes to my mind, feelings, ideas etc.. another one for illustrations and collages and another one for research. Even if this sounds really organise, it's not! Because even, I started the sketchbooks with that aim, by now they are all mixed up. So basically, I just write or draw in the one I can find first!I tend to write first in a notebook and then I finish it in the computer, ideas don't flow the same with a computer. I have to use a pen an a notebook first. Call me old fashion; What about you? Do you write your ideas in a notebook?

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  1. love the polka dot trousers!

  2. That's a great outfit on you. And I love the peek into your sketchbooks.

    I have 4 notebooks that I use for different things, so yes, I use pen and paper a lot. I've tried using my iPad for notes but always end up going back to the paper!

  3. i love this look and how you work it with those pages.


  4. I keep 'an ideas notebook' next to my bed. I always come up with things when I have to sleep :) I also try to keep a pen and some pieces of paper in my bag for that purpose. That is why my notebook is also full of loose piece of paper :)

  5. Si nada como el papel y la pluma, traigo siempre mi libretita en la bolsa y mi agenda en el burĂ³ junto a mi cama!!!
    Me encanto el ultimo dibujo y la foto tb ... Bonita !!,

  6. victoria, this is one of my fave posts because it shows so much of your art, and i adore it! plus it features your style which i admire too. yes, i keep several books of notes, and art, or quotes and other stuff like receipts too.

  7. Never stop wearing bow ties! They suit you so much & I love that whole masculine/feminine styling you do so well, like you are here :)
    I'm the same, I HATE making notes or writing ideas down on the computer, it's just not the same as scribbling them in a notebook! It doesn't feel as creative to type them up.

  8. I love your style and your paintings ! :D


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