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I found a flannel shirt in my local charity shop the other day and I couldn't resist to buy it. The flannel shirt was a very practical choice by  people in North America but in the 90's became the symbol of Seattle Grunge movement and everybody that wanted to be in that tribe was wearing one of them. I was very young in the 90's, but I remember when I was about 12 years old, I was wearing waistcoats, caps, and plaid shirts around my waist. I was a real tomboy at the beginning of my teen years. My older brother was more into Hip Hop and Rap, but I was definitely a Nirvana, Pearl Jam kind of girl.

I watched the documentary Hype this weekend and it was very interesting how Punk Rock developed into Grunge, how grunge started as a music movement for young people to express themselves, but the media made it very commercial and some how became a trend. I think Kurt Cobain wasn't interested in all the attention he got. Being famous wasn't what he wanted to be, so I think that's why he probably felt trapped in that circle of fame and money that sometimes could be lonely and fake. Do you have any memories of the 90's? What do you feel about  the fashion industry using these movements as 'trends'?

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  1. Love the grungy and 90s elements that you've incorporated into this look! You look awesome! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. That looks amazing, love the shirt!!!


  3. looove this outfit! so grungyy but chilled. need a shirt like that !x

  4. You look gorge, I like that music inspires fashion but I guess it makes me wince that some people don't know what their look is referencing, aaah well! xx

  5. Hi!
    I love your outfit, it's very grunge!
    In answer to your question, I hate use this movements as a trend. Since two years ago, I started to dress at grunge style, because I love this style and I feel very confident dressing this way, but now that is in fashion, I know that its good because I will find at shops clothes as plaid shirts, creepers... but people will start to wear it to and then will seem that I'm only following this stupid fad... But this is what fashion consists...


  6. In the late 90s I was more of a pop/eurodance girl, but I loved listening to Nirvana in my teens. Flannels were huge for me back then, and your outfit gets me a bit nostalgic for an amazing era that were the 90s! xx

  7. I have always loved Nirvana and had a mini fascination with Kurt Cobain. He was handsome, talented, creative, against the norm and melancholic. Totally love this quote and it is so true for who I am and what I stand for, it speaks to me. I will be using it and re quoting it for sure. Please have a read on my latest post I think it is a bit in relation to your post. About how ppl are so underdeveloped mentally and let media or the latest trend dictates who they are and what is in and what is out.

    PS about 2 weeks ago I was on the bus listening to Nirvana and this older guy told me to turn off my offensive music. So sad to see how ppl judge you based on what they fear x

  8. I was pretty young in the 90's too (I wish I was older so I could have gone to all the gigs!) but I remember loving Nirvana too, probably thanks to older friends/cousins .etc & like Melissa, I had (& still do have), a bit of a fascination with Kurt - he was such an incredible person. I love that he stayed so true to himself despite everything.
    Love this outfit too, I used to have so many flannel shirts, this is making me want to go buy one!

  9. i was young too, and altough i wasnt a fan of the clothes (im more tramautized that big-ass plataforms are returning though) i grew up with those bands, influenced by my sister. i remember being more into guns'n'roses and soundgarden, but also loved and still love nirvana.

    love that flannels are coming up! and love this look. x


  10. Really loved grunge glothes when I was in primary school, hehe ;) Loved the layed back attitude of that time, and that the clothes are stylish, a bid rebellious and so comfy.

  11. i and my guy definitely wore a bunch of plaid, back in the day. i worked in a clothing store and was surrounded by it. it's interesting to watch my favorite old tv shows now: like "my so-called life", and "party of five". i really notice all the plaid styles at the time. have you read cobain's book: "journals"? i own it and find it intriguing. my fave bands then were: "soul asylum" and "collective soul". oh and later came "the goo goo dolls".

  12. I remember when I was in Kindergarten, I wore DM's and overalls when going to school. So yeah, I miss the 90's and I'll always be a 90's baby. Overalls were called jumpers back then and I remember crying to my mom cause she won't buy me one. Well, she did, in fits of crying, mom bought me my jumpers. Haha. I felt such a cool kid back then. Now I neither own any of those. DM's are a bit hard to find in my city and it's quite pricey for the shipping. I still want to own a pair of DM's. Hopefully, I own one before this year ends. :)


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