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Eclectic + Bold| Ludovica Gioscia

I first saw the work of Ludovica Gioscia at the House of Peroni, where she did an installation of resemble decades worth of wallpaper peeling away, serving as a metaphor for the need to strip away various constructed societal layers to reveal something meaningful about culture.

"My work concentrates on decoding marketing strategies, and through parody I expose our compulsive and grotesque relationship with consumption."
"I use a very bombastic colour palette that is either very engaging to some, or repulsive to others. It is duality that my practise plays with. In a sense, we all have disdain for consumerism yet we are all seduced by its produce." 

One of her inspirations is Jeff Koons, whose tonge-in-cheek work plays on a cartoonish quality in order to depict dark aspects of celibity culture.
I was more attracted rather than repulsed by her eclectic use of color and patterns when I saw her installation, she hits the nail when she mentions she plays with duality and I have the same feeling with Jeff Koon's art, his art is very repulsive for me, therefore I think his art makes a point about our modern culture.